No Installers

No installation required. Just download and run the exe. Keep your system clean

Memory Aware

Automatically restarts Internet Explorer if memory runs too high. Keeps rotation fast and deals with the common IE memory leak

Crash Protection

If Internet Explorer crashes, or someone should happen to close the browser window, it will be automatically re-opened and kick off a new rotation cycle.

Hits From The Blog

Version 1.3 – Variable Rotation Intervals

Version 1.3 is out and it brings a few small fixes and a new variable rotation interval feature. New Variable Interval Times The ability to set specific rotation intervals per page has now been added.  If no rotation interval is set, then the default interval set from the main interface will be used. To set […]

New Command Line Feature

Iv had some requests to allow the Dashboard Rotator to be able to called from the command line so it can be triggered to auto start when Windows loads, so here it is. Simply call the .exe from the command line with two arguments, the first being start and the second being the amount of […]